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Representatives of the news media will be able to attend CTAD 2014 at no charge and we strongly advise advance registration. Press registration will be issued to credentialed journalists from recognized external print, broadcast, syndicated or online news organizations.


  • CTAD will provide press registration to staff and working freelance journalists who are interested in attending the program in Philadelphia...
  • To request press registration, please email by Wednesday November 12, 2014 (as CTAD’s consideration of on-site media credentialing may be limited.)
  • Media representatives who have been granted a press registration can pick up CTAD credentials and meeting materials at the CTAD registration desk at the venue.


High-speed lines and/or wireless service for access to the Internet will be available to journalists in the Press Office on a first-come, first-served basis. Telephones will be provided in the Press Office on a first-come, first-served basis. A credit card or calling card is required for all non-local calls.



CTAD Embargo Policies

The International Conference on Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) is an annual conference organized and planned by Alzheimer’s disease clinical researchers to share scientific information with each other. The 7th annual CTAD will be held November 20-22, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Credentialed members of the media are allowed to receive embargoed content in advance of the conference, including scientific abstracts.  

The following embargo policies are strictly enforced:

  • All research is embargoed until the time that it is presented at a CTAD presentation, symposia or poster session. The only information that may be shared in advance is a summary of the research abstract.
  • Any news releases, media advisories or emails relating to content delivered at CTAD must be shared with the CTAD press office at least one week prior to distribution.


  • Presentation or discussion of embargoed content at satellite meetings or press conferences before the CTAD embargo lifts is forbidden.


Other considerations:

  • Filming and photography of the CTAD 2014 proceedings and presentations, as well as any related visual materials, is prohibited without prior permission from both the CTAD press office (or conference managers) and the presenter.

If you have questions concerning an embargo date and time OR filming and photography, please contact Amy Martin Vogt, Media and Public Relations, at or 202-745-5052.


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