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September 30th 2014

Dear Colleague,


We are proud to present the final program for the 7th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CtaD) to be held in Philadelphia, November 20-22, 2014 !


You can view the late-breaking oral communications and posters on the program page.


We are looking forward to making CtaD 2014 scientifically and clinically challenging, we encourage you to register today!


Paul Aisen, MD University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Jacques Touchon, MD, PhD University Hospital of Montpellier, France

Bruno Vellas, MD, PhD University Hospital of Toulouse, France

Mike Weiner, MD University of California San Francisco (UCSF)





Philadelphia 2014


Scientific Committee

Susan ABUSHAKRA (San Francisco)
Paul AISEN (San Diego)
Kaj BLENNOW (Molndal)
Merce BOADA (Barcelona)
Robert BRASHEAR (San Francisco)
Maria CARRILLO (Chicago)
Mony John DE LEON (New York)
Rachelle DOODY (Houston)
Bruno DUBOIS (Paris)
Howard FELDMAN (Vancouver)
Nick FOX (London)
Giovanni B. FRISONI (Brescia)
Lutz FROELICH (Mannheim)
Serge GAUTHIER (Montreal)
Ezio GIACOBINI (Geneva)
Michael GRUNDMANN (San Diego)
Harald HAMPEL (Munich)
Takeshi IWATSUBO (Tokyo)
(Washington DC)
Zaven KHACHATURIAN (Washington DC)
Virginia LEE (Philadelphia)
Jean-Marc ORGOGOZO (Bordeaux)
Ronald PETERSEN (Minnesota)
Stephen SALLOWAY (Providence)
Philip SCHELTENS (Amsterdam)
Lon SCHNEIDER (Los Angeles)
Eric SIEMERS (Philadelphia)
Peter SNYDER (Rhode Island)
Reisa SPERLING (Boston)
Yaakov STERN (New York)
Jacques TOUCHON (Montpellier)
John TROJANOWSKI (Philadelphia)
Bruno VELLAS (Toulouse)
Michael W. WEINER (San Francisco)
Gordon WILCOCK (Oxford)
Bengt WINBLAD (Stockholm)

Congress secretariat

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